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March 24, 2011
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"Dylan, I don't think this is such a good..."
The boys voice cut right through his, a smile on his face. "Tell me one thing right now, Alek" he looked Alek square in the eye, and he gulped, gripping hte fabricated leather that bound him into the seat, his knuckles white. "Do you trust me?"
Of course he trusted Dylan. He had kept Alek's secrets since they met. But this was not a matter of trust, it was a matter of life or death, or so it felt to Alek.
"Yes. I trust you." he told Dylan earnestly.
"Then listen to me when I say you'll be fine." he patted the yellow object in Alek's hand. "Just release this semaphore flag if something goes wrong, or if you get the clart scared out of you." Dylan smirked. "I'll be down here watching and I'll haul you down in a squick."
And with that Alek was climbing, no, flying. The small seat he was strapped to swung sickeningly as the godless creature Dylan called a Huxley rose into the air. Alek barely dared to watch as Dylan and the top of the Leviathan fell away below him. It nearly made him sick, so he turned his attention to the horizon.
The sunrise was beautiful, especially over the ocean. Dylan had roused him before light had even broken to prepare him for his Huxley ride. And he was glad he did. As much as he dreaded it before, he now dreaded coming down. THe sight was oerwhelming, huge and endless. If only he could capture it now, and save it until the perfect moment so he coudl relive it again.
A warm breexe went through, and hte Huxley swayed a bit, rocking Alek's seat. He clutched the ropes for dear life, then realized he wasn't going anywhere, and he let his arms free, throwing them back to catch the wind. This spooked the Huxley, and it twitched, its tentacles coiling a bit.
"Oh, calm down, beastie. I'm just enjoying the view!"
"Alek!" Dylan's voice suddenly erupted from his shoulder. A message lizard had snuck up there without him noticing, and was spitting out Dylan's words. "Having fun? I told you, you bum-rag! I'm goign ot start reeling you in now, so we don't get caught."
"Uh, okay. THat's too bad, I really am having a good time. See you soon! End message." the lizard scampered down the rope nad a second later the line twitched, geting taut beneath him. THe horizon began to sink as Dylan reeled him in, the grand view growing smaller and smaller.
Soon his feet hit the soft membrane on the airship, and he staggered a bit to keep his balance. Dylan unstrapped him and hauled hte Huxley away quickly, Alek wobbling behind him. Dylan's eyes were bright when he turned back to Alek.
"Had a fun ride, eh?"
"Indeed. Thank you Dylan, you've proved me wrong." he smiled and gripped Dylan's shoulder for a few seconds, looking into his eyes.
"Aye, it was nothing. I just wanted to show you the world still had some good in it, after all this bad."
Dylan's face was somber. "The sunrise from a Huxley isn't the only good thing left, you know. "he patted Dylans shoulder. "Good friends are still around too." he smiled.
Dylan smiled, his cheeks turning slightly red for a second. His eyes were deep and unusually kind, and it took him a second ot re gain his composure.
"I'm going to miss you when you leave. We're getting close to Japan. Suppose we best make due with the days we have left, because I'll probably never see you again." a twinge of sadness hit Alek like a bullet in his chest, Finally, someone he could confide in, call his friend. And it would be gone before he knew it.
"Me too, Dylan. This is really a terrible situation."
They sat for a moment in silence. Then something made its way back into Alek's thoughts.
"Dylan. Now that I'm leaving soon, are you ever going to tell me your secret?"
Alek saw Dylan's face twist up and he looked away. "Alek, I want to, but.......but I really can't. It could compromise everything." Dylan's voice was grave.
"How so?" he asked.
Dylan fidgeted, looking extremely uncomfortable. He opened his mouth, then closed it again. "Alek...I can't tell you. You just don't understand."
"But I could! Just tell me. I won't tell a soul, you know that. I've told you my life story. Everything, every detail that could get me kiled if anyone on this ship found out. Now tell me whats going on."
Dylan took a few steps away from Alek, his face turning a deep shade of red.
"Why should it matter to you? Your a prince, a barking archduke for God's sake. The petty secrets of some lowly middy shouldn't matter to you. You've got more on your plate than you can handle. You don't need to add hte life story of an airman to the mix. Barking mad, you are. I'm not worth your time, anyway." Dylan turned and began to storm away, but Alek got in front of him.
"Wait. What do you mean I shouldn't care? Dylan, I've trusted you with something no one should know, yet I told you anyway. You asked me if I trusted you, and I do. I said yes, and I meant it. Why can't you trust me?"
Dylan's face contorted between anger and pain. His fists were balled up, his whole body shaking. "Alek, I can't. You're so barking daft. If I tell you, the whole world I've worked so hard to build wil lcome crashing down, and I can't risk that. You're such a prying bum-rag. Just let me be." he pushed past Alek and ran.
Alek deaded back to his room, determined to ignore Dylan for the rest of the day, perhaps longer. How dare he say that Alek wouldn't understand! How dare he call Alek too good to know his secret!
heres a prologue to the story ive started! it was something i wrote a long time ago and i just discovered it in a notebook. i edited it a bit to make it fit better but i really liked it! it explains some things that people might be confused about :D hope you all like it!
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